Our poll concludes that tension in the boardroom can be constructive



Conflict can be damaging, but tension is considered to play a positive role in the boardroom, our poll out today in conjuction with the ICSA: The Governance Institute finds.


28 July 2017



written by Lena Vieira

Companies split over value of AGMs



Our poll out today in conjunction with the ICSA: The Governance Institute finds that only 36% of companies surveyed consider that the current system of annual general meetings (AGMs) is still valuable for companies. Almost a third (30%) feel that it is no longer valuable, while a further 34% of respondents are undecided.


28 June 2017



written by Henrietta Hodgkiss

Opinion is divided on whether or not CEOs should take on role of chairman, our poll finds



Our poll out today in conjunction with the ICSA: The Governance Institute, finds that just one in seven organisations polled (14%) think that their CEO should go on to become their organisation’s chairman. Over half (52%) are against it, with a further third (34%) sitting on the fence.


19 May 2017



written by Jon Moores

Community Day



On Thursday last week, The Core Partnership kindly gave me a day off work, so that I could volunteer and give something back to the community. I chose to help the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, who attended the annual Chelsea Art Fair - a four-day gallery lead art fair, which has been running for 22 years!


03 May 2017



written by Mariza Dimaki

Core tips: What are the steps you can take to ensure your new employee is going to be the right cultural fit?



Hiring someone with the right level of technical skills is of course important for any role, you want your new recruit to be able to perform their role successfully and also have room for growth and development. This is relatively easy to gauge from an interview by asking technical questions or setting tests where required.


25 April 2017



written by Eleanor Channer-Cleere
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