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We all love the stability and financial security of a permanent position, along with all the benefits (holiday pay, bonus, pension etc.), which is what makes it so desirable. People spend months and months looking for the perfect permanent role which either due to the high competition or just bad timing can sometimes be hard to secure. Meanwhile, the interim market is buzzing and the pool of temp candidates is getting smaller. So why not consider an interim assignment?


Some may argue that getting a temporary/contract/interim position has some disadvantages when compared to a permanent position. Firstly, it is impossible to know when the next opportunity is going to come up and even if it does come up, the salary might not be at the right level. Nothing is certain or stable and this inconsistency can make juggling with monthly bills, financial and other responsibilities tricky. Secondly, it is in the employer’s discretion whether you will receive all the benefits permanent employees are entitled to; pension and healthcare could be out of the question.

Nevertheless, interim work does offer some clear advantages particularly if you are flexible. Here’s some of them:

  • It can fill the gaps on your CV and keep the money coming in while you’re looking for that perfect role.
  • It can help you develop new skills, enhance your experience (e.g. M&A or an IPO) and keep skills up to date.
  • It can expose you to different sectors, industries and working environments.
  • It can help you make valuable contacts and build your professional network.
  • It can offer you the flexibility to take some time off in between assignments.
  • It could turn into a permanent position (if that’s what you are ideally looking for).


Therefore, even though it’s not for everyone, in most cases, undertaking interim work is beneficial on many levels.

If you would consider interim work, this is perfect time to introduce yourself to The Core Partnership. Send your CV at or call a Recruitment Partner at The Core Partnership, who will be happy to advise you on your options in the interim market - our confidential line is 020 3589 0333.

09 July 2015



written by Mariza Dimaki
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