The Company Secretary Market Survey 2016



Last year we compiled ‘The Company Secretary Remuneration & Wellbeing Survey 2015’ which has proven to be incredibly successful as a benchmarking tool for salary factors in the company secretarial market.

In 2015 we zoomed in on the differences in salary according to variables such as seniority, sector or location, and we looked at some of the surrounding qualitative issues such as job prospects, happiness, and level of stress.


This year, however, we’re zooming out.

We’re looking at the bigger picture.


Building on last year in quality and scope, our goal for The Company Secretary Market Survey 2016 is to examine the issues in the company secretarial market that haven’t previously been looked at. This year we would like to inject original and thought-provoking data from the company secretarial market into the public sphere. We’ll look at:


  • How much of a difference does a company secretary’s level of qualification make on their remuneration package 10 years into their career?
  • How many years and how many different company secretarial roles does it take per sector to hit £50,000 after entering at entry-level?
  • What are the different year-on-year trends for basic salary, cash bonuses and incentives according to sector, industry and seniority?
  • Which industries are increasing and decreasing their company secretarial departments? – and how does this affect the market for everybody else in terms of salary?
  • Realistically, how long can you expect to keep your employees? How does this differ with regards to salary package?


You can do your bit to help us compile the most comprehensive look at our market yet. If you’re employed within company secretarial work at any level, please take part in The Company Secretary Market Survey 2016 and help us gain the bigger picture. You can do this by pasting the following link in your browser:


Please note that your data will only be used for the purposes of this survey. Participants will be entered into a draw to win £100 in Amazon vouchers – now you have no excuses!

22 March 2016



written by Mariza Dimaki
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