Tips on how to shine at your next interview.



Interviews can be daunting so start preparing as early as possible and don’t forget, we always encourage candidates to give us a ring a day or so before the interview to for any last minute queries or words of advice…


1. Preparation


The more research you've done on the company and their practices the more you'll learn about their ethos and how they operate, this is essential in the CoSec market as it is changing all the time so have some good background knowledge on the organisation, its turnover, sectors in which it operates, current issues etc...


Find out as much about the role as you can - If you don’t know what the responsibilities and duties of the role will entail then you will struggle to effectively answer the questions. If you’re unsure, give the team at The Core Partnership a call!


Lastly, you only need to do a quick google search to come up with a list of typical competency based questions. Not all interviewers use this technique but it's handy to have some solid examples of when you've dealt with a difficult situation, worked in team, challenged the status quo...they are there to test whether you can think quickly on your feet and how you cope in trying situations.


2. First impressions


They say that first impressions are made within 90 seconds of meeting someone! Always dress professionally, smile, be polite and offer a firm handshake.


3. Make sure you answer the question, don't go off on a tangent!


An interview is your chance to sell yourself and really shine, you’re a great candidate so of course you’ll be eager to prove this to the interviewers but remember that interviews have a structure for a reason so make sure you’ve properly answered the question. Following the STAR format is an easy way to keep on track (Situation Task Action Result).


Don't panic if you haven't understood the question. It’s much better to ask politely for the question to be repeated and explained than talking about something irrelevant.


4. Be positive and know your strengths



Have in mind your achievements and some examples of when you’ve really excelled. It’s always better to be positive so avoid phrases such as “I have little experience in...” and remain confident “I have experience in…”


5. Ask questions


In interviews you are encouraged to ask questions so do so. It shows you are eager to learn more about the role and have been thinking about what they've told you in the interview.

21 October 2014



written by Eleanor Channer-Cleere
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