Charity Governance Code Update

An updated charity governance code – for charities of all shapes and sizes in England and Wales – was launched last week, following a rigorous consultation between the steering committee and the charity sector earlier in the year. This is a refresh rather than an overhaul of the Code, which however brings about important enhancements of two of its principles: the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion principle and the Integrity principle; enhancements which reflect changes in society as well as the context in which charities operate. 

Specifically, in terms of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) principle, the Code recommends:

  1. Assess the current level of understanding of EDI within the organisation and think why it is important for the charity.
  2. Set out plans and targets relating to EDI, which are tailored to the organisation and its starting point.
  3. Monitor and measure how well the organisation is doing in achieving these targets.
  4. Be transparent and publish the organisation’s progress.

In terms of the Integrity principle, the Code’s new recommendations around safeguarding encourage trustees to:

  1. Understand their safeguarding responsibilities.
  2. Establish procedures which are integrated with the organisation’s risk management approach.
  3. Ensure everyone within the organisation knows how to speak up and raise concerns.

Both EDI and Integrity have been identified as core components to achieving good governance within charitable organisations and this update in the Code aims to provide a simple tool that charity trustee boards can use to ensure their governance structures are fit for purpose and enable them to better serve their beneficiaries.

If you need an interim or permanent resource to help you implement these changes and align your governance framework to this update in the Code, then please reach out to a member of the team on 020 3589 0333 or