Core tips: What are the steps you can take to ensure your new employee is going to be the right cultural fit?

Hiring someone with the right level of technical skills is of course important for any role, you want your new recruit to be able to perform their role successfully and also have room for growth and development. This is relatively easy to gauge from an interview by asking technical questions or setting tests where required.

Equally important to both our clients and candidates when in the market is cultural fit as technical skills can be learnt or brought up to scratch in-house but if someone isn’t the right cultural fit for the business, this could lead to low engagement levels, key skills being lost and even resignations.

Here are some practical steps you can follow to ensure you get the right person…

  • Invest some time in meeting your recruitment partner so you can fully explain your needs in terms of technical capabilities and the team/company culture. An open discussion about how you see this person fitting into the team and the personal traits that work well in your organisation, means that your recruitment partner can interview accordingly and select the most suitable individuals to attend an interview with you.
  • During your interviews with potential new employees, spend some time focusing on softer skills such as their working style and how they interact with others or respond when under pressure. These answers should drive your decision as to whether they are the right cultural fit rather than their previous places of work and qualifications.
  • Don’t forget to discuss your company culture and values. The candidate will be deciding whether this is the right place for them as well. Have someone else from the team attend at least one of the interviews and discuss how your team operates and fits into the wider business, this should leave both parties feeling well informed as to whether this is going to be the right environment for them.
  • Once you’ve found the right person, why not invite them along for a coffee before they start their new role as a warm welcome and so they can meet the rest of their new team.


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