Why August is the perfect time to start your job search

August is here!

According to many recruiters and HR managers August, or the summer in general, is the worst time to start looking for a new job as a lot of decision-makers with families are on holiday. I beg to differ.


I believe there a few reasons why August is one of the best times to start your job search:

  • For many of us, work slows down in August. If you have been thinking about taking your job search more seriously, then this might be the best time to do it. Use this quieter period to your benefit by researching the market and companies that are of interest, speaking to recruiters and preparing for and/or attending interviews.
  •  As a lot of people are on annual leave this month, chances are that there will be way less competition for the opportunities you’re interested in, hence it’s more likely that you will be successful if you apply!
  • The notion that less vacancies are on offer in August might be outdated, as according to an IHS Markit/REC Report, the number of both permanent and interim vacancies continued to rise in August 2017, with the rate of growth easing only slightly from July’s record.
  • Technology nowadays allows for decision-makers to be involved in the hiring process remotely (i.e. checking emails by the pool), which means recruitment doesn’t have to go on hold in the summer months, especially for urgent requirements.


As for myself, I’ll be on holiday on the third week of August, but please feel free to get in touch before or after that if you’d like to discuss your career options, see what opportunities are available at the moment or to get market updates and salary information.


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