Interview tips to get the perfect job

Attending interviews can be a daunting experience for anyone, no matter how experienced you are! You want to try and show yourself as professional yet personable, confident but not arrogant, so I’ve put some useful tips together that I believe will help you through the preparation before and during interviews!

Don’t be late-
Always research your route beforehand! It’s a good idea to get there 10/15 minutes before the interview commences as this leaves plenty of time for delays on trains or tubes or traffic.

Dress for success-
Wear business attire so you give the best first impression possible. If you are ever unsure about the dress code for a company then call to find out. A quick google search should give you an insight into how individuals at the company dress.

Do some research-
Research the people who will be interviewing you. You should know what their role in the company is and a bit about their background as you might have a common ground; for example, you might have attended the same university. You can also tailor your responses if you have done some research and this will show just how enthusiastic you are.

Always prepare for common interview questions-
There are standard interview questions which you should prepare for such as ‘why do you want this position’, ‘what attracted you to our company’ etc. This may seem simple and obvious but you don’t want to reply with a cliché answer, you want your response to be genuine and personal to you so they can see your personality shine through! You may be going through multiple vigorous interview processes, but it is important to not give generic responses. You really need to know about that company’s background, culture and values so you can align your answers to the specific organisation.

Ask insightful questions-
In all interviews you will be asked if you have any questions and even if you think all of your queries have been answered it is always a good idea to prepare some questions beforehand. An employer can judge how interested you are in a position by whether you ask questions.

Body language-
You want to display yourself as confident and calm so a firm handshake is always important. Make sure you smile, have a good posture and don’t play with a pen or fidget in your seat whilst talking. An easy and effective way to show you are interested and engaged is eye contact!

Try to Relax-
Interviews can be stressful but try to relax as you will come across in a much better light if you are calm. Even if you are nervous try not to speak too quietly as you want to show you’re confident and engaged in the discussion. On the other hand, if you are nervous try not to talk too much as you are not meeting a friend for coffee and you do not need to divulge too much unnecessary information!


Lastly, good luck and always make sure you get detailed feedback as it can be very helpful for your next interview! If you are interested in Company Secretary roles or need some advice then email a member of our team at or give us a call on 020 3589 0333!


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