A glimpse at The UK Company Secretary Market Survey 2018

With less than a week to go before our market survey is released, we’d like to share some of our findings.

Some interesting points we’ve found:

  • Salaries have risen well above the national average rate.
  • Most of the market is concentrated in London and the Southeast, and salaries are at the highest within this region.
  • Those who have moved positions within the last 6 months have enjoyed a much larger pay rise than those who did not.
  • Company Secretarial Assistants are paid at gradually increasing rates until the 2-3 year mark at one organisation. Those that have stayed longer than 3 years had substantially lower salary rises.
  • Group Company Secretaries tend to earn more the longer they stay at one organisation. This isn’t true for Deputies and below.
  • A premium is paid for temporary workers at all levels, especially seen at the Assistant Company Secretary level.
  • In the last year many departments increased their employees’ workloads but didn’t compensate by bringing in additional staff – this trend is set to continue.
  • Most Company Secretarial professionals are in a role where there are flexible working options available.
  • Male Group Company Secretaries are paid more than female Group Company Secretaries but female pay is rising at a steeper rate.

Across the board salaries have continued to rise and demand for high-calibre company secretarial and governance professionals is still increasing.

This is just a glance at some of the data that we explore in the UK Company Secretary Market Survey 2018. Our survey, ready for distribution next week, will go into a detailed analysis to deconstruct every aspect of the Company Secretarial and Governance market – if you’d like to receive a copy and haven’t already been in touch, please do let us know by sending us an quick email to Team@Core-Partnership.co.uk or leave a comment below.


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