Starting your job search puts you in the driving seat

In such uncertain times it’s always a good idea to be aware of your market and to have a contingency plan. Thinking about restarting your job search now doesn’t mean you need to think about every opportunity that is out there. By reaching out to a committed recruitment partner you will only be approached about opportunities that meet your specific set of requirements that we have agreed upon. You will get a sense as to what other opportunities are in the market and assistance in assessing your own market worth. 

Why start your career search post-lockdown?

  • Remote processes: allowing you to inject an interview or a career discussion with a recruiter much more naturally into the working day.
  • Less competition: most expected redundancies have yet to go through with the furlough period still ongoing for those companies experiencing difficulties. Other potential candidates may be more focussed on job security, meaning they’ve decided to not look for a position for the time being.
  • Remote interviews can also allow for the ability to come prepared.  Key talking points at eye level and out of view of the interviewers can give a competitive advantage.
  • Those companies that are actively engaging in recruitment at the moment are, on-large, in a very secure situation.  Those that are not will have shut down hiring completely.

Embracing the ‘new normal’ – a step by step exploration of the current job search

  1. Do some research contact a specialist recruitment firm to act as a ‘trusted adviser’ throughout your search.
  2. Send a detailed email as a first approach, attaching your CV and providing some information about your background as a Company Secretary and some notes on what you’re looking for in your next role.  It would also be helpful to indicate a time of when a follow up call or a meeting over Zoom would work with you.  At The Core Partnership we value the one-to-one approach so that we fully understand your drivers.   
  3. Think about areas of development that you’d like to gain in the next role, be clear with your recruiter and they can contact about roles tailored to your specific criteria. This allows for a passive form of a job search, where opportunities come to you rather than the other way around. Note that it may take some time for the more specific roles to come in so the earlier we know of your criteria, the better.
  4. Once we have an opportunity for you, we will get in touch to explain the position fully. Be clear if you would like to be put forwards and they will then contact their client about you.  We will of course never share your personal information without your explicit consent first.
  5. Keep track of where your CV is going to avoid duplicate applications from multiple sources.
  6. Should our client be keen to interview you, we will let you know and will want to find out your availability, giving a couple of options can be helpful and avoids a drawn out period of arranging diaries. We will also let you know if you were not successful at this point and will give specific feedback where available.
  7. In the current climate you can expect around three video interviews for a virtual process.  Potentially there can be a testing stage after the first round at the junior to mid-senior levels.  This can come in the form of a situational judgment test for assessing whether your approach to working fits with the organisation’s own approach or more commonly for Company Secretarial Assistants or Assistant Company Secretaries would be providing a set of minutes or proofing a set text.  The latter exercises can be during the interview for around 45 mins, or prior to interview with a few days to complete.
  8. Should you secure an interview, ensure you call us afterwards to update us in terms of how you felt it went in general, any new thoughts in regards to the role, what you thought about the people you met (or virtually met) and comments on the general culture of the organisation. If you can provide more detailed feedback here, this will reflect well and affirm your interest in the role and company with our client. 
  9. Following interviews or CV submission, be patient – it can take time for an update (especially currently with virtual processes delaying some formative decisions).  If you’re keen to find out where things are up to, don’t be afraid of calling the recruiter for a friendly catch up but more often than not, if you haven’t heard anything neither has the recruiter.
  10. If you’re lucky enough to be offered the role, be clear with your recruiter about your thoughts and when you can get back to them if you’d like time to consider the offer – we are here to help and won’t push you into a decision you don’t want to make.  More importantly if unsuccessful following an interview we will put emphasis on receiving detailed feedback to help prepare and coach you for future interviews. 

If you are a company secretarial or governance and compliance professional and thinking about beginning your job search and want some advice on where to start then please contact one of our expert recruitment partners for a confidential discussion on 0203 589 0333 or at