The Company Secretary Market Survey 2020: The Impact of Covid-19 and Remuneration

This year’s market survey is ready to be released on Monday 29th June! We’d like to thank everyone who responded and helped raise £722 for FeedNHS. This year has been different and so is the focus of this survey; it couldn’t have been anything other than Covid-19 and the impact it’s had on the governance market and remuneration.

 In anticipation of the release we thought we’d share with you a snippet of our findings:

  • 24% of the respondents acknowledged that their organisation didn’t have a business continuity plan in place, while larger organisations were more likely to have one.
  • Most respondents were happy with how the pandemic has been handled by their employer.
  • Only 10% of UK companies held virtual Board and Committee meetings prior to the lockdown.
  • 68% of have continued to recruit during the crisis.
  • When data was collected, less than 3% of Company Secretaries and Governance professionals had been furloughed.

This is just a glance at some of the topics that we explored in the The Company Secretary Market Survey 2020. Our survey, ready for distribution next week, will go into a more detailed analysis, as well as sharing the views of our participants for the future. If you’d like to receive a copy and haven’t already been in touch, please do let us know by sending us a quick email to or by leaving a comment below.

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